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This video takes a look at MSP[RS] Resistant Starch as a solution to post-weaning scours, and highlights some of the product research.  We take a look at results from research done through the University of Manitoba by Dr. C.M. Nyachoti, and a study done by the Iowa State University in conjunction with the USDA Agriculture Research Services.  The data from these studies looks at the mechanisms of action and how MSP[RS] Resistant Starch helps improve the microbiome and epithelial barrier by increasing volatile fatty acids (VFAs), decreasing the gut pH, and improving fecal scores in post-weaned piglets.



The clips below are short segments taken from the Post-Weaning Scours (Prevention & Treatment)

This clip looks at managing the microbial ecosystem to prevent and treat scours.

This clips illustrates how a low inclusion rate has a benefit on fecal score.

This clip highlights the mechanism of action in piglets.

This is a clip of the study between the University of Iowa and the USDA-ARS

This clip summarizes the research from both studies.

This short clip looks at how to use the product for treatment and prevention.

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